Ramp embarks on a thrilling journey of speed, reflexes and high scores. Navigate a fast-paced 3D world full of twists, turns and challenging obstacles.

Specifically about Ramp

Goals to do

Your objective in this game is simple: control a ball as it rolls down a never-ending slope. Sounds easy, right? Well, think again! The slope is steep, and the speed keeps increasing, making it a true test of your reflexes and agility.

As you race down the slope, you'll encounter various obstacles, including gaps, ramps, and sharp turns. Timing is crucial as you'll need to jump, slide, and maneuver to avoid falling off the edge or crashing into obstacles. The longer you survive and the more distance you cover, the higher your score will be.

How to control the ball

The controls in Ramp are straightforward. You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard to move the ball left and right, allowing you to navigate through the treacherous terrain. The game's intuitive controls make it easy to pick up and play, but mastering the art of staying on the slope and setting high scores will require practice and quick reflexes.

Compete with your opponents with scores

Challenge yourself to beat your own high scores or compete with friends and players from around the world on the leaderboards. Can you claim the top spot and become the ultimate Ramp and Slope champion?

To experience the thrill of this game, visit the game's website or search for it on your preferred gaming platform. Get ready to defy gravity, test your skills, and have a blast as you navigate the ever-changing slope in this addictive and exciting game. Are you up for the challenge? Start playing Ramp now and see how far you can roll!