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PSG Soccer Freestyle

About PSG Soccer Freestyle

PSG Soccer Freestyle is a juggling game with balls. You will choose for yourself a player. Juggle the ball in the air until the end of the allotted time.

Combination of portraits of real players. After being transformed into a chibi character form. The action of the character will become more fun and interesting.

Get into sport in PSG Soccer Freestyle

The opening interface is the character selection part. Each portrait is corresponding to a character. Many characters require you to see an ad in order to open and use the character. Be patient to get the character you want.

Because this is a soccer game with one player and without any team. So the contact with the ball is only in your character. Controlling the ball with your socks flexibly is not difficult. Each game has instructions. You just need to follow all the given steps. Maybe you will be able to shine into a star on the pitch in an instant.


Follow the instructions by clicking on the hand on the screen.