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Only Up! Parkour

Only Up! Parkour navigates challenging environments and ascends to the top. Master precise jumps, wall runs, and timed maneuvers to reach new heights.

Explore the game Only Up! Parkour

Observe the environment

Take a moment to look around and assess the obstacles and pathways in front of you. Understanding the layout of the level can help you plan your movements and find the most efficient routes.

Start slowly

Begin by mastering basic movements and simple obstacles. Practice your jumps, wall runs, and other parkour techniques in less challenging areas to build confidence and improve your skills.

Use momentum

In parkour, momentum is crucial. Use your character's speed to your advantage by chaining together movements. For example, perform a wall run to gain height and then jump off to reach a higher platform. Experiment with different combinations of moves to maintain your momentum and progress through the level.

Timing is key

Parkour games often require precise timing. Pay attention to the timing of your jumps, rolls, and other movements to ensure you clear obstacles smoothly. Practice your timing until you develop a good sense of when to execute specific actions.

Understand the controls

  • Control every action with WASD
  • Accelerate suddenly when closing the gap between platforms with Left Shift
  • Jump over chasms or obstacles using Space
  • Crouch in front of obstacles with C
  • Take a break from your parkour journey with Escape