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Murder Mafia

Murder Mafia kills the old Mafia to become the new Mafia and be careful with the actions of those around you, because they also intend to assassinate you.

Become Mafia from assassination

Mafia is the position that everyone wants, that's why they are very ambitious and desire to have it, so they will stop at nothing to get this position. Starting the game, like many other ambitious people, you need to successfully assassinate the old Mafia to become the new Mafia. Wait for the opportunity to assassinate without being detected by him.

After you successfully become a Mafia member, whether you can retain this position depends on your ability. Many people are aiming to take this position, so they will try to assassinate you. Always pay attention and observe the right moment when the assassins are trying to assassinate you and put them in jail.

A Mafia cycle is equal to a lifetime, a health scale at the top of the screen will shorten until you can no longer live. Let's see all the results you get after becoming a new Mafia.

How to calculate challenge points

After successfully assassinating the old Mafia and becoming the new Mafia, start scoring for your completion of the challenge. There are many different outcomes leading to many different points and not just living a full life as a Mafia will get the most points. You'll discover there are many ways to get the highest score as you try every result of the assassination.