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Monkey Mart

Have you ever managed a supermarket? Whether your answer is yes or no, get ready to enter Monkey Mart to transform a monkey and start your mart business.

The process of your mart business in Monkey Mart

As a business-minded monkey, you have used the only amount of money you have to open a mart in your local area. Starting a business is really difficult when you just have 35 dollars in your pocket. Therefore, you cannot buy many things. A cash register, a product display shelf, and planting a banana tree are the only things you can do. However, you don't have to worry about that because your banana tree has some bananas and you have some first customers. They come and buy your products. As a result, you earn some money.

Your mart is the only one in your area, so it attracts more and more monkey customers to buy the products. Bananas now cannot meet their needs. Therefore, after you have some money, let's plant more banana trees or even other different kinds of vegetables. Your monkey customers will have more choices to buy and you also earn more and more money. Not stopping at vegetables, you can raise more animals such as chickens, buffaloes, and cows to get eggs, repair, etc to sell. Continue working hard to develop your business greater and greater.

Interesting information that players need to know

How to get more customers at the beginning of Monkey Mart

At the beginning of the game, your mart maybe has a few customers. The speed of selling and earning money is extremely slow. You can click on the bar in the top right corner of the screen to receive more customers for free. As a result, you earn the first amount quicker and increase the number of products faster. You also get more and more customers if you upgrade and earn a lot of money.

Beauty your monkey character

As you know, this managing simulator game offers you a monkey. In order to make your monkey character become more attractive. You can buy items in the Shop section such as hats, clothes, and others. Your monkey character becomes more beautiful that also a way to attract more lovely customers.

Customize feature

The game allows players to customize the features of Music, Sound, and Language. You can turn on or turn off the Music and Sound of the game if you like. However, it's highly recommended to activate them to experience all the interesting things of this simulator game. Besides, you can adjust the language to play this game easily.

Common questions about Monkey Mart

Who is the developer of the game?

This game is developed by the Tiny Dobbins game studio in 2022. From its release date, this game attracts thousands of millions of players from all over the world to develop their own businesses.

What is the last point of this game?

It can be said that this game is an endless game when there is no last point. The more your mart develops, the more money you own. Let's try to become a great boss in this industry.

Is there a monkey mart app?

The answer is absolute. This managing simulator game is similar to the Tunnel Rush game when it has a mobile version available on the Apple iOS platform.