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Max Mixed Cuisine

Max Mixed Cuisine takes you into the kitchen with aspiring chef Max, discovering the joy of being creative and mixing ingredients to create unique dishes.

Support aspiring chef Max

Becoming a kitchen assistant to the ambitious chef Max, he is not easy-going but on the contrary, is very difficult so no one can stand him.
You are "lucky" to become a kitchen assistant and need to prepare and cook dishes from many different cultures, including Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and many other countries. Each dish has its own cooking process and special requirements to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Test recipes

In addition to the recipes that you already know and can complete easily, there is an additional challenge of researching dishes whose recipes you do not yet know.

Predict the ingredients needed, how to make it, and how to decorate it, and let Max taste it and see his reaction. You can collect many different expressions of Max, from anger and indignation to satisfaction and happiness. Max's satisfaction level will rate how many points you get for this secret recipe.

Max Mixed Cuisine brings an exciting cooking experience, stimulating creativity and ingenuity in combining ingredients to create unique dishes. Join Max on his culinary adventure and show off your culinary talents!