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Little Runmo

Little Runmo takes you on the challenging journey of Runmo, a tiny character with a brave heart, trying to complete the mysterious mission assigned to him.

Runmo's journey to save the world

Cross the lands

Each land in Little Runmo has a unique beauty, containing unique challenges. Runmo needs to use moving, jumping and attacking skills to overcome obstacles, climb steep cliffs, cross fast-flowing rivers and fight fierce enemies.

Face the enemy

The enemies in this game are also diverse with many different types, from small monsters to aggressive bosses. Each type of enemy possesses unique strengths and attack abilities, forcing Runmo to use appropriate tactics to defeat them. The boy needs to dodge dangerous attacks, find the enemy's weak points and launch precise attacks to win.

Collect five magic crystals

The main goal of this game is to collect five magical crystals hidden in different places in the world. Each crystal possesses a special power and plays an important role in saving the world from disaster. To collect these crystals, you need to overcome the most difficult challenges, fight the most powerful enemies and discover the world's deepest secrets.

Runmo's life

Runmo is a tiny boy who lives in a tiny village. One day, he received a mysterious mission from a fairy: to collect five magical crystals to save the world from disaster.

The brave boy sets out on a challenging adventure journey, crossing many different lands, facing countless dangerous enemies and unpredictable traps. Along the way, he meets many interesting characters and receives help from them. Finally, after much effort and sacrifice, he collected all five magical crystals and defeated the villain, saving the world from disaster.