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Lifespan Candle

About Lifespan Candle

Lifespan Candle is a puzzle-adventure game with logical elements. It is guaranteed to be different from anything else you've seen on this website. Every member of our administrative team has had an incredible amount of fun with this game because it has such a novel premise. This is something that does not happen frequently when you've played as many games as we have.

Advice Timing

After you have a broad notion of how to beat a level, move fast with the sections you are certain of to give yourself more time to experiment with the parts you are not.

You can explore the level to find out where and when to light your candle again and how to finish the stage.

Lighting & extinguishing

  • Rain or submersion extinguishes your candle flame.
  • If the top wick touches a flame for a moment, your candle lights up.
  • Your candle only needs to be lit at the end of the level.

Dying & continues

  • Burning out your candle kills you.
  • If your flame is doused but you can't finish the level, hit the R button (or the lower right corner button) to restart.
  • This game has a limitless continuation.
  • If you restart your browser, this game starts over at level 1.

Game Controls

  • Up arrow key or W key to jumping
  • Left arrow key or the A key - Move left
  • Right arrow key or D key - Move right
  • R key to restart the current level.