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Legend of Panda

About Legend of Panda

Legend of Panda is an interesting combination of the puzzle genre between a 3 player game and a fighting game. The similarity will help you win.

The game is the whole story about the biggest son of a panda family and his loved ones fled to a valley after the unacorn people slaughter their village. Players help him defeat the enemy online. There exist simple and easy -to -follow rules, completely new gameplay. Use your brain and you will be able to make the two pandas fight with each other by appropriate moving steps.

The outstanding advantages in Panda Legend

Easily understand the strategy to eliminate, upgrade your character and let you lead in the battle. New challenging mode, players can enjoy the joy of eliminating, but you are immersed in it unconsciously.

Players choose two privileges to upgrade weapons and skills. In an attack, see the combination options and combine 3 possible on the board. Make the most of each turn. When necessary, take advantage of the factors that support HP and MP to recover.

After each victory, they will receive points in all areas. They also receive coins and skills cards to equip basic weapons and strength as well as skills upgrade. It is possible to increase your coins by buying more gemstones. They also receive gifts and bonuses.


Panda Legend latest game released in early 2023. This game is developed by a famous technology company.


  • PC

Use the mouse to swap.

  • Smart mobile device

Press, pull and drop directly on the screen to swap