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Jetpack Joyride

Equip yourself with a jetpack to explore the lab and collect treasures in the Jetpack Joyride game. Are you ready to take part in a thrilling adventure?

Collect treasures in Jetpack Joyride

When entering this game, you will be a famous treasure hunter in the world. A reliable source of information has caused a stir among treasure hunters. A laboratory filled with gold coins which are enough for one person to live a dream life. Hunters around the world are trying to be the ones who own it. As a master in this field, you cannot miss it. Equip yourself with a jetpack and start your adventure right away. Hold your left mouse button to activate the jetpack to fly up and release it to fly down. Control the jetpack cleverly to collect gold coins.

Obstacles in the Jetpack Joyride

It's said that there is no free meal. It's extremely difficult to collect these treasures in this lab. Like Tunnel Rush, you will encounter a lot of obstacles and traps in this lab. Some obstacles you should notice are fire guillotines, missile bullets, and lasers.

  • Fire guillotines are obstacles appearing throughout your journey. There is no rule for their appearance. They have different locations and even some guillotines have the ability to rotate. Your movement speed will be affected if you collide with them.
  • Missile bullets are unexpected obstacles along the way. They will suddenly fly towards you while you are flying or running. Remember that these rockets usually shoot you at the same height. Therefore, when it appears, let's change your altitude by controlling the jetpack. In particular, the game has a signal for its appearance at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, take a look at the bottom of the screen during playing.
  • The hardest challenge of the game calls the lasers. When you collide with these lasers, death is waiting for you. Dim rays are the signal before the activation of lasers. Pay attention!

Some questions about Jetpack Joyride

Does the Jetpack run out of power?

The Jetpack you use will never run out of power. As long as you don't collide with obstacles, the jetpack works properly.

Do lab experimenters attack you?

At the beginning of the game, experimenters in the lab do not attack you. However, when you reach a certain level, they will use weapons and attack you.

What is the highest score in Jetpack Joyride?

No one knows exactly what is the highest score in this game. However, there are some videos in which players reach scores above 100,000 exist, and validated scores of over 200,000 exist.