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Iron Snout

Iron Snout accompanies and helps a little pig fight against a pack of vicious wolves. Be fully equipped for the pig before entering every match.

Help the pig hero fight with enemies

Help a pig fight for his life against attacks from different enemies. You will stand in the middle of the forest or on the street and confront wolves, foxes, hedgehogs, bears, and many other animals. You will use the arrow keys to punch, kick, jump, and dodge. You can also catch and throw back items like axes, balls, hammers, or burgers that enemies throw at you.

Main game modes

Classic Mode: Stand in the middle of the Iron Snout screen and fight enemies from both sides. Get a score based on how many enemies you kill and how long you survive. Choose the Forest or City World to change enemy and item types. In addition, it's possible to change your pig's outfit.

Death Mode: Face a large number of enemies and dangerous items. You only have one life and cannot heal. Fight to the end and try to get the highest score possible. This mode requires you to have good reflexes and observation skills.

Wolfieball mode: Play with a friend in a baseball match between two pigs. Use the arrow keys to hit the ball and the WASD keys to move. Try to score by throwing the ball into your opponent's goal and using the ball to fight your opponent.