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Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

Infor of Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

With Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator, you can pretend to run an internet cafe. In this game, you are in charge of a brand-new Internet cafe. Every day, you should buy, decorate, and grow your business. As the new boss, it's up to you to make sure things go well or not.

Launch a company that operates an Internet cafe

Run your internet and gaming cafe! Expand with more seats, computers, and equipment.

Set up your first Computer from the boxes supplied to your home. Get your PC set up and ready for customers.

  • Powerful administrators: Admin PCs allow users to log into your network, pay bills, and more! Pay your electricity bill on time or your provider will cut it off. Without prompt customer service, you'll lose money.
  • Purchase Epic gaming gear: Higher-end computers, consoles, and arcade equipment boost hourly earnings. New game shop purchases can also keep guests in your cafe longer.
  • Create the ideal Internet cafe: You may arrange anything and design your cafe! Different backdrops, floors, ceilings, and more to customize your internet gaming cafe. Money lets you expand your cafe.

Keep your internet cafe clean, odor-free, and well-ventilated. If the room smells or is excessively hot, people will leave!


  • Purchase many PCs and gaming devices.
  • Web cafes
  • Decorate your shop.
  • Increase your income and business.

Release date

June 2022


Atomicode is the company that created the Internet And Game Cafe Simulator.

Latest updates

Apr 10, 2023

Control button

Basic key

  • WASD keys = move
  • E key = interact with objects
  • Left mouse = build/use objects
  • Right mouse = throw objects
  • Space button = exit the administrator's computer

Construction mode

  • T key = sell items
  • F key = place objects
  • Q key = rotate the object to the left
  • E key = rotate an object to the right