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Idle Hypermart Empire

About Idle Hypermart Empire

Like Online Business and Management Games, we knew that sharing this game with you, Idle Hypermart Empire - one of the best decisions we could make for the day, and if you try it right now and here, you will quickly agree and have a great time!

The Rules

Idle Hypermart Empire requires players to run a large multi-story supermarket to make a million dollars.

  • You get aid making, transporting, and selling. You must keep them busy and hire a manager if necessary.
  • For firm growth, give employees productivity-boosting incentives. Use an elevator to transport cash to the counting office in the game.
  • Get an elevator, warehouse, and hypermarket and improve them with your earnings. Eliminating recruiting supervisors at each location is crucial.
  • Coins unlock higher levels. Boosters speed up tasks. Use investor funds to grow your business.

Build more, make more money, and put it back into the investment. Like actual businesses, the more you work, the more you get, so aim for that and see how much fun you can have here, as usual!

Release Date

January 2023


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to play

Use the mouse.