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House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards doesn't let everyday activities become normal. Since when did things like making coffee, watering the plants, etc become dangerous?

Everyday actions become unusual

Play as any character that the game offers to perform everyday actions such as making coffee, brushing teeth, cooking rice, watering, etc. just like playing BitLife. However, something is not right, as objects in the house come to life and are trying to attack you and injure you. Successfully avoiding attacks on household objects is the task you need to do.

Demonstrate flexible running, jumping, and bending skills to prevent household objects from attacking you. This also requires you to have tactics as well as react quickly to unexpected and unpredictable actions.

How to win the game

Have you ever wondered when the game will end? To end the game, you must overcome all obstacles in indoor areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or garden. Explore all the places that the house has and successfully avoid all attacks from household objects without getting injured.

Just one action that causes you injury, no matter how small or big, the game will stop and return to the beginning, even if you are about to complete the challenge, but if you make a mistake you still have to start over. So be very careful in every step until you complete all challenges.

And in each retry, you will also experience many other randomly selected characters provided by the game. Characters in a typical family including father, mother, children, the elderly and the appearance of robots are recreated in this game.