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About Homescapes

Homescapes is a game about the process of rescuing a girl. Will this girl return to her boyfriend? It also depends on the rescue of the boy.

If you don't know, Homescapes has a series of rescue games with many versions. Today we will introduce it to you. Get countless plays from many players in different countries around the world. Homescapes is a game phenomenon with the greatest appeal. The road of adventure is waiting for you ahead.

How to play Homescapes?

Rescue the girl

The gate of the green labyrinth will be opened. In each level, the girl will always be locked in the final destination. To get to the girl's location, you have to pass through countless other gates. You will be able to foresee the pitfalls that await you ahead. Trap areas always have yellow pins blocking them. You can use every support to destroy traps and overcome them. At each level, the number of traps will increase.

Waiting from the girl

The time to pass each level is infinite. You are free to brainstorm your strategies. When the guy reaches the destination, the girl's joy is to be liberated and she receive beautiful flowers from the boy


  • Attractive images and colors
  • Passing all levels is not too difficult
  • Reduce stress after hard work and study


Use the mouse to unlock the gates