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Funny Shooter 2

Eliminate all the enemies in the exciting shooting game called Funny Shooter 2. Use a variety of available weapons and improve your shooting skills.

Destroy enemies in Funny Shooter 2

This game is a survival shooting game in which you take an effort to destroy all enemies. Your enemies are the ones who have a pink color and no clothes. They wear protective hats and hold different weapons such as axes or pickaxes. They are approaching you with the aim of killing you. Therefore, hold the rifle tightly in your hand and start the deadly journey. This is a 3D game with a first-person perspective, so you will have a pretty realistic feeling when playing this game. Let's take part in and enjoy the game!

There is a blood bar that allows you to know your health situation. This bar runs out of, it means that you die. In addition, there are a lot of levels you have to overcome to conquer the game. The final level has a big boss. Defeat it and you are the winner. This feature is similar to the Cuphead game.

Some notes to play the game

  • Players should keep a certain distance from enemies so that they cannot attack you. Besides, you can still attack them because you own ranged weapons.
  • Notice the bullets of the gun. There are 30 bullets in a magazine. When you run out of bullets, it takes some time to change a new magazine.
  • It's important to observe your back. Your enemies can attack you from the back. In particular, you must not allow yourself to be surrounded because the possibility of you dying is very high.