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Friday Night Funkin’ Among Drip

Some great information about Friday Night Funkin’ Among Drip

Friday Night Funkin’ Among Drip which is a well-known video game inspired by the Friday Night Funkin' game. In this game, you will be tasked with assisting several famous impersonators in their attempts to dance to a variety of different musical rhythms.

Two available game modes

  • Story
  • Free play.

It has been decided that the participant will use a blue Amongasera rather than the nimble Boyfriend. He must vanquish many foes in a musical war for six weeks. Follow the screen arrows rapidly and humiliate your opponent to win. In free play, you can face any opponent at the regular difficulty level. The key is to follow the astronaut and the arrows. Show the opponents who rule the stage and microphone. Demonstrate your drip and defeat cunning imposters in rhythm matches!

Hit all the notes using the arrow keys to finish all the songs and win. Push an arrow when the same arrow matches above your head, but don't mess up too many times or you'll lose! Besides, Friday Night Funkin vs Garcello also has the same formula. Let's check it out!


  • The coding was done by ninjamuffin99, and the artwork was done by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r.
  • The music was done by Kawai Sprite.


Web Browser (PC), Android / iOS (Mobile).


  • Characters with many colors Red, Yellow, Blue;
  • Attractive sound
  • Create high sound control flexibility


  • Enter - Start/ make selection/ pause
  • Arrows - Sing
  • ESC - Backwards
  • -/+ - adjust volume
  • F5 - Reset when downloading the game too slowly

NOTE: After the download is complete, select the black screen from the menu to launch the game.