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Fly or Die

Take part in the Fly or Die game to experience one of the most interesting survival games with a zombie theme. Try to kill all zombies while flying.

The Context of Fly or Die

As I said earlier, this game belongs to the kind of survival zombie game. The story of this game is so interesting in which the zombie virus explodes and you have to fly your plane and kill zombies. Collect useful items when flying such as a gun machine, protection Shield, or more. They will help you kill zombies and protect yourself as well as your plane.

How to drive the plane

Like Subway Surfers Tokyo, the way to drive the plane is so easy in this Fly or Die game. The left and right arrow keys are the main controls. In specific, you press the left arrow keys to fly up and press the right arrow key to fly down. In order to collect the useful items, navigate the plane to those positions.

Some notes for players to play this game

  • The plane was not allowed to land. If it hits the ground, the game is over.
  • Colliding with dangerous things like buildings or zombies is also a no-no. The reason is that zombies can be able to attack you and the plane will explode.
  • Access the Map section to know where you are and where you go.
  • Adjust the music and sound of the game in the Options section.
  • Get a high score and a lot of money to upgrade or buy a better plane. You also upgrade many parts of the plane.
  • A notice board about the distance you fly the plane, the number of zombies you kill, the total cash you have, and the profit will appear after the end of the game.