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Flashy Fireworks

About Flashy Fireworks

Flashy Fireworks is a virtual fireworks game. Do you like fireworks? Let's see what virtual fireworks will have. Admire the beautiful fireworks.

The game excites players with the spectacular fireworks displays. The essence of fireworks comes from the beauty of the shimmering rays. The night sky will become brighter when the fireworks appear.

How to play the game?

Choose the fireworks in the game

Fireworks will be fired one after another into the sky with different light colors. Click on the bullets when it is high. Try to dodge the red bullets. You will lose when you miss the green bullets or hit the red bullets.

Ammo will increase more. The direction of their appearance is also more zigzag. Their speed also increases to dizzying. You need to be ready to deal with any situation. Let your hand lead the way. You will become the winner. Believe in yourself!


  • Fun sounds
  • Play easily on any platform.
  • Increased flexibility and accuracy for players.


Use the mouse to explode the fireworks