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Flappy Bird

One of the classic games that players cannot miss is Flappy Bird. Get ready to click on the screen to assist the bird in flying as far as possible.

The History of Flappy Bird

This arcade-style game was first created by Dong Nguyen who is a Vietnamese video game artist and programmer in 2012. On May 2013, this game was officially released and became a sleeper hit in early 2014. Millions of people play this game every day. However, this game received a lot of criticism because of its difficulty as well as its graphics. On February 10, 2014, it was removed from the App Store and Google Play for some reason. Until August 2014, a revised version of this game named Flappy Birds Family was released. And now this version is still called the original name, Flappy Bird.

The Rules of Flappy Bird

The rule of this game is so simple when the mission of players is to help the small yellow bird fly so that it doesn't collide with the tubes. When the bird flies through a tube safely, that player gets one point. Besides, if the bird has a collision with the tubes, the game ends. Click the left mouse button or tap is the way of the game control. This control is exactly like the control in Geometry Dash Lite.

Features of Flappy Bird

This arcade game provides many great features. For example, you can pause the game anytime you want and then continue your adventure later. Click on the II symbol to conduct this function. You can see your score on the top of the screen and the total score you have when the game ends. In addition, you can share your result with your friends or others. Let's play!