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Fish Eat Getting Big

About Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big is a game where big fish eat small fish. Up to 3 players can be played at the same time. They will become professional killer fish.

A miniature ocean, containing a lot of different types of fish from small to large. There are very cute fish and conversely, there are very big and scary fish. They keep chasing you, threatening your fish. If you're slow, you could end up in their mouths.

Game Rules

The big fish that eats the small fish

This is the basic principle that is present not only in the game but even in our real life there are many similar cases. To survive in an environment full of threats around us, we must grow stronger. To do that we have to make ourselves stronger and more developed.

In the game, observe the head of the fish we control, there will be numbers. We can use these numbers to eat fish with smaller numbers. Or simply can observe the shape of the fish to eat them. That will help our fish grow faster.

Other obstacles

There will be other silent traps. For example, big bombs fall. We should stay away from them. The consequences of encountering them can be imagined.

The evil devil-faced blackfish. They will always chase you. No matter where you run. No matter how big you are, it will destroy you. Therefore, quickly escape from them.


As you get bigger the fish around you will also get bigger. Other species will also appear such as seahorses, shrimp,... They will also become more cunning and intelligent. If you chase them in the front corner they will run away very quickly. Change the angle of eating them from the top down or the bottom up. This method will be extremely effective.


For 3 players when want fish to appear. Click on the wordplay next to the fish of your choice. Then control them:

  • Player 1: fish control = ASWD
  • Player 2: fish control = arrow keys
  • Player 3: fish control = mouse