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Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish controls a small fish that is hungry and eat smaller creatures to become stronger. An exciting ocean journey filled with challenges and enemies.

Conquer the ocean by eating fish

Control a small butterfly fish named Bufi, eating smaller creatures to grow bigger. In this survival environment, under the beautiful disguise you see is the fierceness in the ocean to survive. The weak will be eliminated from the ocean and only the strong can survive. You need to be cautious when moving in the vast ocean environment, staying away from larger enemies that can swallow you instantly.

Growing and Avoiding Danger

As Bufi eats and grows, you will have the opportunity to confront larger creatures. The ultimate goal is to become the largest creature in the ocean, but to do this you need to be patient and skillfully avoid predators and obstacles.

Explore and Rescue the Ocean

Not only must they eat and grow, but they must also save the ocean from a lurking mystery. You will control a variety of fast-evolving sea creatures, exploring new underwater worlds, coral reefs, deep caves and shipwrecks. In addition, you must stop a mysterious creature called "The Who" from destroying the ocean.

Control and Skills

Use simple controls like holding left mouse button and moving or using WASD keys. You can also use the spacebar to perform a quick dash, helping Bufi avoid enemies or catch up with prey.