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Elastic Man

About Elastic Man

The Elastic Man game is a basic game and lets you do whatever you want. Use the Mouse to control the character's face. This game requires mouse clicks and drags. Release the mouse to reset the face. This is a fun and straightforward game to play.

Stretch the skin by pinching the cheeks. Nothing's impossible. Release the face to watch it normalize. No matter how much you alter a character's skin, it will return.

The mouth and nose will also entertain. They're adorable. Playing with the character's face will also alter them. The factors of a small nose, an open mouth, and charming ears make your experience relaxing.

Also, let's watch his eyes. They can follow your mouse pointer. These eyes will also follow the mouse pointer while playing. So intriguing! His flesh deforms and stretches endlessly. Smartphones let you play this game anytime. You may play Elastic Man on our website.

This game has Medium and High graphical modes. Select your device mode and play this game quickly!


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Graphics of the highest quality and outstanding effects
  • The captivating and entertaining game
  • No mission
  • An enjoyable gameplay experience with simple control.
  • A wonderful strategy for relieving stress


Stretch the face with the left mouse button.