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Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 trains Dynamons to become the best training masters. To achieve that goal, you need a strategy that starts with training, upgrading, and competing.

Train Dynamons to become the best creatures

At the beginning of the game, you will choose one of three random creatures. These creatures have basic powers, and if you want to upgrade them, you need to participate in competitions to get bonuses. In the early levels, you will compete with two more creatures to form a team. Strategize to always win and get bonuses to upgrade the power of your Dynamons. The more Dynamons evolve, the stronger they become and have many advantages in competition.

In every battle for superiority, look at your opponent's Dynamons information to choose the most suitable Dynamons to compete with. The game will select cards and within them are different and random attacks. Choose the right attacks at the right time to defeat your opponent's Dynamons. To know the level of damage, there will be a strength scale next to the character. When hit, it will lose a certain amount. You need to choose attacks that will make your opponent lose more power than you and defeat you first. Therefore, the choice of attack is very important.

Method to capture Dynamons

If in case you are at risk of losing and the opponent also loses a lot of strength, choose the method of conquering it into your army. However, this is also a matter of luck because you may or may not be able to win it. In case of successful capture, you will win that match, otherwise you will have to compete to the end. It is not possible to have the option to capture as many Dynamons as you want, there will be a limit so please consider and choose carefully before deciding whether to capture or not.