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Duck Life

Great information about Duck Life

The name of the first game in the Duck Life series is simply Duck Life. Your farm was completely wiped out as a tornado ripped through the area. The only thing that is left is a solitary duck egg. Train this duckling to explore its physical potential so that you can earn money to use toward the renovation of the farm.

The rules of the game

The duck is ready for the toughest races after learning about these races. Novice Races to World Championship have five rounds. From Novice Races through World Championship, rounds get harder. Except for the World Championship, each round comprises 4 races corresponding to 4 sites. To win, you must control the duck to overcome various deadly obstacles and run far. You must perform well against powerful opponents. Join these races.

  • Beginning Races: They are from levels 10 - 40. Green Valley, Rocky Cliff, Shallow Lake, and Natural World host them. Races earn 50 coins and a new color or headwear.
  • Amateur Races: 40 - 100 skill levels are welcome. Climbing the Banister, Taking the Leap of Faith, Jumping into the Swimming Pool, and Rooftop Jumping are your options. Champions receive 100 coins and new colors or hats.
  • Expert Races: Only experts with skill levels over 100 can enter. Volcano Challenge includes Going Up the Volcano, Going Over the Volcano, and Going Across the River. Win these races and gain 200 coins and a new color or cap.
  • The World Championship: It is the hardest race with 200,000 coins, a farm, and a crown.

This game requires feeding your duck. Your duck needs the energy to race. Hence, you must buy seeds before the race. Blue skill seeds cost ten coins. It boosts energy and skills. Regular seed is also available for feeding. This cheap seed promotes energy.


  • To develop your duck, you must train in running, swimming, and flying before entering the official races.
  • To escape, control the duck to jump high, gather coins, and run often to build experiences and racing paces.
  • Swimming Training: The duck must swim in this minigame. Competing demands this. A marked boat, ferry, sailboat, iceberg, stone post, and island are all visible to swimmers. Jumping and diving require the up/down arrow keys. Leap high over flagged boats, ferries, and sailboats. Dive under icebergs, stone pillars, and islands. Collect all coins. Swimming classes give much experience. Points determine race swimming speed.
  • Flying Training: The duck jumps to fly. Drag the duck to fly and collect coins at the same time. The duck will slow down and fall into the water. Collect as many coins as possible before it drops. Level up and race faster on this soaring course.


Wix Games and a UK indie studio created the first Duck Life game.


  • Keyboard: Jump or dive with UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS.
  • Using the mouse: Drag the screen to change flight direction. Left-click to jump.