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Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour takes on the role of Dreadhead, a young man with impressive dreadlock hair, performing risky parkour stunts on dangerous terrain.

Do parkour with Dreadhead

Perform parkour moves like sliding, backflipping, and backflipping to move through each level and reach the finish line. Just need to successfully overcome obstacles and reach the finish line safely, you can open new, more difficult challenges. In each certain challenge, you will unlock a number of Dreadhead characters wearing different costumes, changing clothes to create something new. Be careful with obstacles like bombs, tridents, and big jumps to avoid getting hit.

Parkour techniques

  • Precision Jump: This is an important technique in parkour. Jump from one point to another accurately and precisely to reach the desired distance. This requires concentration and body control.
  • Wall Run: This technique allows you to run short walls using momentum from previous runs. By kicking the wall with your feet and pushing yourself up, you can create enough momentum to briefly run up the wall and keep moving.
  • Vault: This is a method of overcoming obstacles such as walls, tables, or barriers. There are various bypass techniques such as Safety Vault, Lazy Vault, Kong Vault, and more. Each technique uses different arms and legs to overcome obstacles quickly and effectively.
  • Tic Tac: It is a technique that uses an obstacle as a stepping stone to create momentum for the next jump. By pushing your feet into the obstacle and pushing yourself up, you can create momentum to keep moving or jump further.
  • Cat Leap: This is a long jump technique from a high position to a low position. By jumping away and using your hands for support, you can adjust your speed and positioning to land in a safe place.
  • Roll: It is used to absorb impact when you fall from a height. This technique helps reduce impact on the body and maintain balance after creating momentum.