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Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D is the perfect combination of speed, skill and sense of adventure. An improved version of Tunnel Rush, bringing a completely new experience.

Ultimate tunnel adventure

Control a glowing ball, rushing through a 3D tunnel at breakneck speed. Each section of the tunnel is uniquely designed with obstacles ranging from simple geometric shapes to complex structures, each requiring extremely agile and precise reactions.

How to play

  • Move left and right: Use the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to move the ball left or right
  • Jump up: Hold the up arrow key to jump, and release to land

Special features of Crazy Tunnel 3D

Flexible control and quick reflexes

You need to avoid collisions with obstacles, including walls, columns and moving objects. If you are not fast and skillful enough, you can lose points or even end the game.

High quality 3D graphics and colorful environments

The graphics in this game will make you feel like you are traveling in space. Dynamic music and responsive sound effects make each action exciting and memorable. This is not only an entertaining game but also a test of the player's thinking ability and quick reaction.