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Crazy Chicken Jump

You've reached Crazy Chicken Jump which is a puzzle game where you have to jump. In this game, you have to move the chicken left and right to get around the obstacles. There are 30 tough levels in this game. Have fun and play.

As the name suggests, you get to do some crazy jumps with a chicken, a bird that can jump but can't fly in the new online platform jumping game Crazy Chicken Jump. That's enough this time. In particular, if you help it out, we're sure you will. You'll have a blast, literally reaching new heights.

Let's go online and play Crazy Chicken Jump!

Use your mouse or finger to slide left and right. The chicken will automatically jump. Do this to avoid obstacles and traps on the platforms, such as cacti, arrows shot at you, claws, and other things. In addition, make sure your head doesn't hit the platforms because that sends you back to the bottom.

Make sure to grab the stars along the way. Since you can only get a total of three, and you need all three for the best score, which is 3/3 per level. You can only win if you get to the egg basket at the end of each level. That gets harder with each new level.


  • Click the mouse to jump up.
  • Click twice to jump high.