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Crazy Bikes

Crazy Bikes show off their driving skills and perform spectacular stunts. And you need to show off your talent is Trial Park, a space full of obstacles.

Perform many jumps in Crazy Bikes

Participate in bike racing in a space full of dangerous challenges. Overcome the fear of failure by facing the difficulties presented by obstacles. In that open space, show off all your talents to overcome all challenges.

Not just testing in a space full of obstacles, achieving records in races and collecting stars and wrenches along the way, this is the second mission you need to do. They help you restore and upgrade your bike to its original state and compete in many competitions.

From performing aerial stunts to driving over a crashed plane, each challenge requires skill and courage. In stunts, you need to combine many risky actions at the same time to overcome.

Try your hand at seven different types of bikes from the garage, and each one has a different shape and different functions. Try different types of bikes in every challenge to find your true love bike.

How to play

In addition, you can also compete with friends if you choose two-player mode. Compete to see who can successfully make the most jumps and get far ahead. Player one uses WASD keys to drive, R to Respawn and player two uses arrow keys to drive, Enter to Respawn.