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Coreball successfully throws the darts into the ball without hitting other darts or obstacles. The center of darts are many different types of balls.

Throw the darts into the ball successfully

Just one mission

You have a task to do in this game which is to throw darts that are shaped like needles and have a rounded tip at the end. The main centers are the balls in different sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, ect. You just need to throw all the darts you need into the ball so that these darts do not touch each other to complete the challenge. Just a little touch can cause you to try again from the beginning, so be very considerate and careful before throwing the darts.

Successful darts strategy

When you get close to the gap in the ball, quickly throw the darts into that gap one by one by continuously clicking the mouse. Stop throwing darts when there is an obstacle nearby. Additionally, the closer the distance the darts are placed to the ball, the less likely you are to make mistakes.

Obstacles you will encounter

Add obstacles in later challenges

In the first few levels, you will get acquainted with how to play. When you successfully complete many challenges, these challenges will become more difficult. Will adding obstacles like needles, spikes, ect, hinder you from successfully completing the challenge? At the same time, the higher number of darts that need to be thrown into the ball can be difficult for you.

Movement of the ball

The ball will not stay still for you to successfully complete the task. It can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, fast, slow, in no order. This is also a hindrance because the movement of the ball distracts you. Concentrate, use the gap of the ball to throw the darts successfully.