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Cat Tofu Girl

About Cat Tofu Girl

In Cat Tofu Girl, you have to show off your high jump skills through a pretty female Chibi character. Keep your balance well when jumping on the cats.

In the process of jumping on the cats. You will create a super tall cat tower. Your character is very flexible with many perfect aerial dance poses like circus performers. She always keeps her balance very well.

How to play

Speed and rhythm in the game

We can gradually get used to the speed of the game. Increasing altitude means increasing speed. The cats will be interspersed from the left and right sides. Random and unexpected. The shape of this cat tower must be straight. If a jump difference will cause the character to lose balance. You will lose if you fall or hit the cat's head.

The color of the cat

Defaults are white and yellow. When passing each level, there will be more cats with different colors stacked. Reaching a certain height you will be rewarded with a bag of delicious fish cakes. You can use it to upgrade many fashion outfits such as aquatics, bikinis, frogs, Hoodies, and Hanboks... super pretty. Each suit can increase your benefits. As increase the number of fish you collect, increase the score. Try to build as high as possible.


Manipulate the mouse to make the girl jump.