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Bois D’arc

About Bois D’arc

Bois D’arc is a bow shooter game created by VascoGames and attracting millions of players. Transform into a brave hero and save the kingdom from evil spirits. Defend your fortress against sinister forces. In this addicting and action-packed bow shooting game, choose a hero from three kingdoms.

How to play

Choose your hero and fight evil!Upgrade your bow, talents, and abilities to defeat the wicked hordes. Choose Wilfred Hazardeus, a great archery marksman who specializes in multi-shot toxic shots. Or Leonard Wildburn, who turns flames into explosions. Tobias Arclightning, a skilled bowman who uses thunder magic, is the kingdom's last hero. These Archers will save the kingdom.Bois DArc: Bow shooting game contains three bowmen with unique skills.Colorful arrow shooting games. Thumb and finger control upgrades, problems, and accomplishments.

In this arrow shooting game, protect your castle from 16 enemy waves. Epic battles against wicked armies on land and air.10 challenges for the king of archery games. Castle health is displayed. Keep your tower's health up to avoid defeat.

Remember that gravity influences firing angle and bow arrow range. Fill the power bar to send evil back home. Defend your tower from demonic monsters! The mystical tree of life kept Sedonia in balance for years. The tree may guard the balance, but evil is at the kingdom's gates. Evil emerged mysteriously and dread reached the kingdom's frontiers. The king commanded the Bois Darc's incredible power to restore balance. The bowmakers begin making the kingdom's most powerful weapon. The mystical bow can restore peace!


By VascoGames

Release date

June 22, 2016


Use to mouse