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Blockpost Legacy

Blockpost Legacy is a multi-player shooting game with 3D block graphics and dramatic gun battles. With many game modes, this game creates newness for players.

Exciting multiplayer cube shooter

The goal is to destroy the opposing team's opponents, using weapons and fighting skills to eliminate them from the match. Agility, sharpness in aiming and tactical coordination with teammates will help you achieve success.

For certain modes such as Capture the Flag or Control Point, you also have the additional task of protecting or capturing important points on the map. Focus on defending or besieging strategic locations, while also dealing with opponents attempting the same mission.

Also find and collect resources such as weapons, ammunition or other support items on the map. Move smart and find ways to gather resources to increase your chances of surviving and attacking opponents.

Distinguish between game modes

With six main modes, the game gives players a new feeling with each individual mode. With Deathmatch mode, the goal is to be the last player standing. All players fight against each other in a certain map. Suitable for those who want to show off their personal skills.

With Team Deathmatch mode, the goal is to bring your team to victory when two teams face each other. The team that achieves the most kills within the allotted time wins. This mode requires teamwork and tactical coordination, very suitable for competing with friends.

With Elimination mode, it is quite similar to Team Deathmatch mode but the main difference is that eliminating all members of the opposing team first will win.

With Gun Game mode, the goal is to be the first player to master all types of weapons. All players start with a weak weapon, each time they kill an enemy they upgrade to a stronger weapon. The first player to master all weapons wins.

With Pistol Only mode, it is like Deathmatch mode but players are only allowed to use pistols.

And the final mode is Free for All, the goal is to fight for yourself, like Deathmatch mode but without a team. Very suitable for players who like intense and dramatic action.

Classic pixel graphics

The interesting point of this game is that it possesses 3D voxel-style graphics, providing a unique and different visual experience compared to other shooting games. The image is quite familiar and has similarities with Buildnow GG. The design is simple but impressive from square blocks, creating a harmonious and eye-catching whole. At the same time, using bright, vibrant colors, creating a joyful and dynamic feeling, plus meticulously elaborated explosion, fire, and shooting effects, bringing eye-catching action scenes.