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Participate in the craziest BAPBAP game ever made, which has a brand-new cast of characters loaded with a variety of one-of-a-kind skills. Gather your team, and do everything in your power to become the only team left standing.

Take the role of a duck

Choose from a wide variety of playable characters, each of them have their own set of skills. You have the ability to take on the role of a fishtank, a fierce huntress, or even an undead assassin.

Place yourself in line behind the homes.
Bring a maximum of two buddies with you and come in as a trio. To achieve victory, it is necessary to plan, organize, and devise new strategies.

To hell with newcomers!
Do not show any restraint or class toward your adversaries. You can prove your worth by climbing higher and higher on the leaderboards.


BAP HQ created Battle Royale.


  • You can compete in teams with up to three other people.
  • A battle royale mode that is both intense and competitive.
  • 10 distinct Heroes, each having their own set of special abilities.
  • A rating of the most skilled players who play online.


  • Use the arrows to move
  • Click mouse to use ability 1
  • Press Q to ability 2
  • Spacebar to use ability 3
  • Press E to ultimate ability
  • Press R to use potion
  • Press F to interaction

Note: Depending on the skill, each character will have the corresponding user guide keys on the screen