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Among Us Online

About Among Us Online

Among Us Online is a multiplayer party game requiring teamwork skills. Try to complete all assigned missions or assassinate crewmates on the ship.

Among Us Online has many characters with colors: red, yellow, blue, purple,... The main content of the Among Us movies will mostly be killing each other. Capturing this factor, game publishers have included them in the game. We could be an Among Us character on a spaceship. Disguise and become notorious Among Us assassin.

Game Rules

Learn the maps in the game

There are 3 maps to choose from. You will be the red Among Us character in the game. Name your character and select the map and enter the game. We should learn a few elements of the game first:

  • Sabotage
  • Vent (used to hide)
  • Kill

You will play with many other players around the world. On each map, there will be a lot of vents using them to hide. Once you've killed the Among Us, this news will quickly be widely announced. You will have 3 seconds to hide or get caught immediately.

Tips in the game

Quickly find yourself a suitable vent. The vents will vent to each other. You can move through the room undetected through it. So standing near the vents is extremely effective. The game will end very quickly when you are killed and pushed out. Be a wise impostor!


Try to learn the game while moving with the AWSD or arrow keys. Combine mouse clicks to use tools at the right time.